Phillies Brand

The Phillies Brand of cigars is a line of machine-made cigars that are produced in the United States. The brand was established in 1913 and has since become one of the most popular brands of cigars in the US.

Phillies cigars are made using a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Honduras, which are wrapped in natural leaf wrappers. They are known for their mild and smooth flavor, making them a popular choice for both occasional and experienced cigar smokers.

The Phillies Brand offers a variety of cigar sizes, including regular, blunts, and cigarillos, and is often sold in convenient packaging, such as foil-wrapped singles or resealable pouches.

While the Phillies Brand of cigars may not be as well-known as some other premium cigar brands, they remain a popular choice for those who prefer a mild and affordable smoke.

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