Cigar FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)
Cigar Basics
What is the anatomy of a cigar?
What is a "premium" cigar?
What is a "Puro"?
What are the basic shapes of premium cigars?
What do the two numbers mean when applied to cigar sizes?
Do the opposite ends of the cigar have different names?
Does the cigar's name indicate its dimension?
How do I know what size is right for me?
What do the cigar ratings mean?
Cigar Smoking and Etiquette
How do I open the end cap?
Is there a correct way to light a cigar?
How come my cigar does not always burn evenly?
Can I use any type of flame to light my cigar?
Do I remove the cigar ring?
When do I tap the ash?
How far down can I smoke the cigar?
What are the do's and don'ts when holding or feeling a cigar?
Tobacco Technical Aspects
How many different types of tobacco are there?
How many different tobaccos are used in a premium cigar?
What does Ligero, Seco, and Volado mean?
What does Corojo mean?
What is Colorado?
What is Maduro?
What does "shade grown" or "sungrown" mean?
Are leaves really grown in Connecticut?
Why are wrapper leaves so special?
How many wrapper colors are there?
How is tobacco cured?
How do you know where the cigar is from, if it is made from tobaccos of different countries?
Storage Methods
Why do premium cigars need to be kept in a humidor?
What are characteristics of a good humidor?
What are some other features that a humidor can have?
How should premium cigars be stored?
Must I use distilled water in my humidification element?
What is Humidor Solution?
Is my humidor supposed to be airtight?
How do I set up my humidor for the first time?
What happens to a cigar that was left out of the humidor?
What if the cigar has been left unhumidified for longer than a day? For example, say a few days, a week, or even a month?
Can a dry cigar be dipped in water, sprayed with misted water, or put into a steamy bathroom to speed up its recovery?
How are cigars protected during shipping? Why don't they dry out if it takes more than a day to transport them?
Is temperature control an issue? Can they be stored in a refrigerator, third floor attic or a basement?
Should I remove the plastic sleeves when I put the cigars into my humidor?
Why do experts recommend aging cigars in a humidor before they smoke them?
What does Bloom mean?
What causes mold? What do I do if I see it?
What is the Tobacco Beetle?
How did the Tobacco Beetle get into my humidor?
What can be done to prevent the Tobacco Beetle from infesting my stash, and what can I do if they have already stricken?
Can I freeze all incoming cigars as a preventative measure?
Cigar Accessories
What are the different tools used to cut the cap off the cigar?
How do I carry my cigars around when I travel or just go out for the day?
What makes a proper lighter for cigars?
What makes a good ashtray for cigars?
Does my humidor need a hygrometer?
How do I calibrate my analog hygrometer?