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The NUb Cameroon cigar is a study in cigar smoking enjoyment. Starting with a fine Nicaraguan filler and binder and topped with an African Cameroon wrapper, NUb creator Sam Leccia increased the ring gauge while decreasing the length of a typical cigar. Experimenting, he found that at around 4 inches in length, and between 58 and 66 rings, the "Nub" delivered almost instantaneous flavor upon ignition, yet smoked for a similar duration as other cigars that, at least visually, appear almost double the size.

The African Cameroon wrapper has a distinctive thin, toothy flavor and character and delivers rich notes of cedar and coffee.

These quality handmade cigars hold some secrets that we can't reveal, but one that we can: you won't find another cigar like a NUb. So pick one up, immerse yourself in the thick rich smoke, and see what makes these cigars stand apart.
Hand Made in Nicaragua - Medium Bodied
Filler: Nicaragua - Binder: Nicaragua - Wrapper: Cameroon
Rated up to 92 by Cigar Aficionado
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