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Avanti cigars have become the favorite ALL-AMERICAN-grown tobacco cigars, captivating the smokers with their anisette and bourbon flavors. The blend consists of dry-cured tobaccos grown in Tennessee and Kentucky chosen for their strong and delicious flavor. The tobaccos are then fire-cured with smoke and aged 4 months to achieve a more smooth and rich smoke.
Machine Made in United States - Mellow to Medium Bodied
Binder: None - Filler: Kentucky, Tennessee Fire-cured - Wrapper: Kentucky Dark Fired 

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  • These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.

Avanti Cigars: Crafted with Fire-Cured Excellence

Unveiling the Flavorful Journey

Avanti Cigars epitomize the artistry of tobacco craftsmanship. Here’s what makes them exceptional:

  1. USA Grown Kentucky Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco: Avanti cigars are meticulously made from this premium tobacco, devoid of any binder. The wrapper lovingly encases the filler twice, ensuring a robust smoking experience.

  2. Harmonious Blend: Avanti blends Kentucky and Tennessee tobacco from multiple crop years, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors that tantalizes the senses.

  3. Secrets of Wrapper Leaves: The key lies in the stalk position. Avanti meticulously selects leaves from the leaf and cutter sections of the tobacco plant. After harvesting, the fire-curing process begins.

  4. Fire-Curing Magic: During this process, the tobacco develops a smokier, slightly sweeter taste. Hand-selected wrapper leaves release oils and reduce nicotine, resulting in a richer flavor and darker hue during fermentation.

  5. Ready to Enjoy: Each Avanti cigar is machine-cut, ready for immediate indulgence. No waiting required!

The Art of Dark Fire Curing

  • Tobacco Transformation: The slow, month-long fire-curing process turns the tobacco dark and oily. The aroma, influenced by carefully chosen Hickory and Oak wood, adds to the mystique.

Key Characteristics:

  • Robust Flavor: The fire-curing process imparts a unique smokiness, allowing the tobacco to retain its natural oils.
  • Dry & Firm: Fire-Curing yields low sugar, high nicotine tobacco. Fire-cured tobacco doesn't require additional moisture to stay fresh, meaning Avanti cigars can be individually wrapped and stored without a humidor.
  • Smooth Burn: Avanti cigars deliver a consistently smooth and satisfying burn with a unique smokey flavor.

Ready to savor the result of meticulous craftsmanship? Light up an Avanti cigar and experience the magic.

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$92.00 $62.46
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50 cigarillo ($1.25 per cigarillo)
In stock
$92.00 $62.46
You save: $29.54
50 cigarillo ($1.25 per cigarillo)

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