Perdomo Fresh-Rolled

Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Brand

Perdomo Fresh-Rolled cigars are rolled and packed immediately, resulting in a unique smoking experience. The Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder are wrapped in a Habano Rosado wrapper, which is known for its rich, sweet taste and spicy notes. The cigar is said to have a medium-bodied flavor profile with a robust, heavy taste.

According to Perdomo Cigars, the Fresh-Rolled line is produced in limited quantities to ensure the freshness and quality of each cigar. The moist and dense texture of the cigars is achieved by aging the tobacco leaves for an extended period, which allows the flavors to meld and develop more fully.

The Perdomo Fresh-Rolled line is available in a variety of sizes, including robusto, toro, and Churchill, and is designed to provide a slow and even burn. The cigars are hand-rolled by skilled artisans in Nicaragua, ensuring exceptional construction and a high-quality smoking experience.

Overall, the Perdomo Fresh-Rolled line appears to be a unique addition to the Perdomo Cigars portfolio, offering a fresh and flavorful smoking experience with a distinct taste profile.

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