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Primeros Regionals were started under the foundation of creating an inexpensive cigar using top quality premium tobaccos, and this concept has captivated cigar lovers in search of a premium cigar that fits nicely into their budget for an everyday smoke. Made in 4 different varieties, each one of them coming from a different country and special in their own unique way.

Costa Rican Primeros Regionals
The Costa Rican Primeros Regionals are rolled with a dark and beautiful Costa Rican maduro wrapper, making them the only maduro cigars of all Primeros Regionals. The rich full flavor of this cigar is balanced nicely with a smooth and well-rounded medium body that brings notes of peat, spices and hints of honey to the palate with a nice finish. An affordable, everyday cigar for the maduro lover. Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras - Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Hand Made in Costa Rica - Medium Bodied

Cuban Primeros Regionals
The Cuban Primeros Regionals are oily and made in Nicaragua, using only tobaccos from Cuban Seeds and a beautiful Corojo Wrapper. An inexpensive, everyday cigar with a strong finish that will make any smoker fall in love right away. Wrapper: Corojo
Hand Made in Nicaragua - Full Bodied

Dominican Primeros Regionals
The Dominican Primeros Reginals cigars combine Dominican fillers with a Dominican binder and Connecticut Ecuador wrapper, creating a very subtle and mild bodied cigar. Made as an inexpensive alternative to other premium cigars, the Dominican Primeros Regionals are sure to please anyone who tries them. Binder: Dominican Republic - Filler: Dominican Republic - Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Hand Made in Dominican Republic - Mellow Bodied

Nicaraguan Primeros Regionals
The Nicaraguan Primeros Regionals Cigars are made in Nicaragua and they are composed of only Nicaraguan Tobaccos and a chewy Ecuarian wrapper, making them full bodied cigars with spicy and robust flavors that have been attributed to Nicaraguan cigars throughout history. An inexpensive, everyday Nicaraguan cigar that will take care of your palate as well as your wallet. Binder: Nicaragua - Filler: Nicaragua - Wrapper: Ecuador
Hand Made in Nicaragua - Full Bodied
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