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$141.60 $49.95
You save: $91.65
20 cigar ($2.50 per cigar)

Some were a little tight but overall decent flavor.

$97.60 $36.25
You save: $61.35
20 cigar ($1.81 per cigar)

The selection is great, and the price is right. Too, it's very impressive that delivery takes only 2-3 days.


Fast and easy, product is consistently good, at an affordable price.


I bought this bundle as an alternative for a box of Macanudo Baron de Rothschild (natural wrapper).

And that's exactly how they are advertised, as alternatives for Rothschilds.

Which is fine by me, because in this instance, "The Cigar Hut" is being entirely truthful, a very good thing in this day and age!!!

1. the construction is not as good as a Macanudo Rothschild or a Don Tomas #200, both of which I prefer as a late afternoon smoke on the weekends when a guy can really relax, but no surprise there!
2. and I found them to have a decent favor but again, not as good as a Macanudo or a Don Tomas

1. the price for 20 cigars is excellent, especially for 100% tobacco cigars
2. the consistency of construction and draw is good
3. all-in-all, they are, for me, a really decent mild-to-medium choice of an everyday cigar for my 40-45 minute ride home in the afternoon

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$290.00 $102.94
You save: $187.06
200 cigar ($0.51 per cigar)

Good little cigar. Very mild smoke and well made. I will continue to purchase these.


Great cigars They are quite mild with a very nice draw and flavor A good short smoke anytime


I have been smoking these for a long time!! They are always fresh and usually burn/draw well. The price is right! The Partagas are a darker tobacco.

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$96.00 $36.25
You save: $59.75
20 cigar ($1.81 per cigar)

Once again excellent cigars at the right price so far there are no bad cigars and I have finished 1 and 1/2 packages of 20. Keep up the good work!


Very good flavor and wrapper


Good smooth cigar

$56.40 $18.95
You save: $37.45
5 cigar ($3.79 per cigar)

Smooth, easy draw, far better taste and quality than expected. I'm buying a full bundle now!