White Owl

White Owl Brand

The White Owl brand is a well-known and popular brand of machine-made cigars that has been around for over 100 years. The brand was founded in 1887 by a cigar maker named William J. Schick, who created the White Owl cigar as a way to offer a high-quality cigar at an affordable price.

White Owl cigars are made using a blend of tobaccos from five different countries, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the United States. The filler tobaccos are wrapped in a natural wrapper that is mild and smooth. The cigars are known for their consistent flavor profile and smooth smoke.

White Owl cigars are available in a variety of sizes and flavors, including natural, sweet, and exotic fruit flavors. They are a popular choice for both new and experienced cigar smokers who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-smoke cigar.

In addition to their traditional cigars, White Owl also produces a line of cigarillos, which are smaller and quicker-burning cigars that are perfect for a shorter smoke break. These cigarillos come in a variety of flavors, including grape, green apple, and white peach.

Overall, the White Owl brand is a great choice for cigar enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-smoke cigar. Their consistent flavor profile and wide range of sizes and flavors make them a popular choice among cigar smokers of all experience levels.

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