Tatuaje Havana VI

Tatuaje Havana VI Brand

The Tatuaje Havana VI is a popular brand of cigars made by Tatuaje Cigars, a company founded by Pete Johnson in 2003. The Havana VI line is known for its smooth and creamy flavor profile, making it a popular choice for those who prefer milder cigars.

The Havana VI is made with a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, with a silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The wrapper is carefully selected and aged to perfection, resulting in a smooth smoking experience with notes of cedar, coffee, and cream.

The Havana VI line includes a variety of different sizes and shapes, including robustos, torpedos, and petit coronas. Each cigar is hand-rolled and inspected for quality, ensuring a consistent smoking experience every time.

Overall, the Tatuaje Havana VI is a well-regarded brand among cigar enthusiasts, known for its smooth and creamy flavor profile and high-quality construction. If you're looking for a milder cigar that still offers plenty of flavor and complexity, the Havana VI is definitely worth trying.

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