Hav-A-Tampa Brand

Hav-A-Tampa is a brand of machine-made cigars that has been in production since the 1930s. The brand is owned by Altadis USA, a division of the Imperial Brands tobacco company.

Hav-A-Tampa cigars are made using a blend of premium tobaccos, and they are known for their mild and smooth flavor profile. 

One of the signature features of Hav-A-Tampa cigars is their wood-tipped construction. The cigars are tipped with a wooden mouthpiece that is designed to provide a clean and consistent draw, and to protect the smoker's lips from coming into contact with the tobacco.

Hav-A-Tampa cigars are often sold in packs or boxes of multiple cigars, and they are popular among casual and occasional cigar smokers who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-enjoy smoking experience. While they may not offer the same level of complexity or depth as handmade premium cigars, Hav-A-Tampa cigars are a convenient and reliable option for those who enjoy a mild and consistent smoking experience.

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