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La Vieja Habana cigars are handmade with a well-balanced blend of long and short Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. They are available in three different variations:

Connecticut Shade:
This is mixed filler cigar has a blend of Nicaraguan Tobaccos from Jalapa Valley and Esteli covered by a pristine Connecticut Shade Wrapper. It is mild and smooth with hints of coffee and a short finish that leaves you with a nutty aftertaste. This creamy smoke makes for an excellent morning cigar, especially if paired with a creamy latte. These cigars draw easily with a rich, smooth, earthy flavor, producing clouds of thick blue smoke and a sweet, inviting aroma.
Cuban Corojo:
This blend combines a beautiful Cuban Corojo wrapper with filler tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. It is a mixed filler cigar with a premium wrapper. Medium bodied with lots of flavors, it has an earthy taste with hints of spice and a pleasant aroma.
Brazilian Maduro:
A toothy, oily and dark Brazilian wrapper covers the filler tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. It is medium bodied with rich flavors and lost of character with hints of chocolate and coffee. The Brazilian maduro wrapper leaves you with a slightly sweet aftertaste that would have you craving for more, also great after a hearty steak with your favorite scotch.
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