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$75.20 $59.49
You save: $15.71
100 cigarillo ($0.59 per cigarillo)

I'm enjoying them very much, Thanks again for the fast and friendly service.

$105.60 $76.26
You save: $29.34
55 cigar ($1.39 per cigar)

I like em, they are mild and even burning better than a lot of hand rolled cigars.

$60.00 $56.72
You save: $3.28
50 cigarillo ($1.13 per cigarillo)

Great company, fair prices and fast shipping. It was getting hard to find my cigars in my area.

These are getting harder to find. So glad I found you. Great price and fast shipping.

My Cigars always within two day! This is so AWESOME! Thank you!!

$65.00 $49.49
You save: $15.51
50 cigarillo ($0.99 per cigarillo)

GOOD smokes


I have tried many different tipped cigars in the past but all my purchases in the last 15 yrs. have all been Black & Mild...There is nothing better.


Great price and shipped fast

$55.00 $38.49
You save: $16.51
40 cigarillo ($0.96 per cigarillo)

It couldn't have went better! easy online shopping, quick delivery, its all good will shop at The Cigar Hut over & over. Tom